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I am deeply saddened to have to post this..but as of Friday October 12, Satanic Jello is no more. We arrived at the theatre at about 11:30 pm and were told by a manager that there would be no more Rocky Horror ever at the Amherst theatre. They gave no reason just told us that there wasnt even to be a final show as the film print was already taken away. This is obviously a deep and striking blow to the cast and everybody that has been involved in the show. I've already emailed the Buffalo News regarding it..hoping to get some publicity for the show. Mike and I are going to go ahead and try to secure another theatre for the show starting tomorrow. I also have the majority of props safe at my house..whenever any other cast members have a chance they can come here and pick them up whenever they want. The only thing left there are the bigger props like the tank, table, and wheelchair. I took the coffin with us. I also surveyed everything for when we get another theatre. I promise all fans of the cast and this site that i won't stop working until we have another theatre in which to perform. Anybody wishing to support cast and wish them well please post on the message board or sign the guestbook or email us. Rocky Horror is far from dead in Buffalo NY. Until we secure another theatre this site will be updated with news concerning the progress of opening somewhere else.

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