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Cast Bios
Below you'll find information on all cast and crew of your favorite Rocky Horror cast, Satanic Jello!!

Name: Kelly
Parts Played: Every damn one
Favorite Music: Misfits, Ramones, Doors, Janis Joplin, the Cure, Prince, and so on.
Favorite Movie: Night of the Living Dead, and Return of the Living Dead
Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons
Favorite Website: This one of course
Favorite Inanimate Object To Seduce: A toothbrush
Cast Member Most Likely To Go On A Killing Spree And Why: Me because i like to play with dead things
Turn-on's: Humming, things that smell good, Prince, Meatloaf
Turn-Offs: What are those?
Comments: MMM I'm horny and i love all my rocky people.
Name: Ari
Parts Played: Magenta, Frank
Favorite Part to Play: Frank
Favorite Music:Funker Vogt, Dimmu Borgir, MindlessSelf Indulgence, Cradle of Filth, VNV Nation, Jack offJill
Favorite Movie:Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Favorite TV Show:PowerPuff Girls
Favorite Inanimate Object To Seduce:My hairextensions ^_~
Cast Member Most Likely To Go On A Killing Spree And
Why:Jamey...he's so quiet...i bet he's just planning...:P
Turn-Ons: Bois in drag!
Turn Offs: Body hair
Comments:Poofy hair and purple lipstick! Platformboots and corsets! MROWR!

Name: Meredith
Parts played: Columbia and Frank
Favorite part to play: Frank. He just totally reeksof awesomeness!!
Favorite music: Anything angry
Favorite movie: uuuuuummmmm. . . Duh Rocky Horror
Favorite TV show: Dragonball Z and WWF
Favorite Website: Don't have one. Computers hate me
Favorite inanimate object to seduce: kumquats. Theyhave a lovely surface.
Cast member most likely to go on a killing spree andwhy?: me. If you know me, you know I harbor a lot ofanger and usually aginst former castmates who shall gounnamed
Turn ons: Kelly, anything fuzzy, black velvet,leather, and bondage items
Turn Offs: being lied to, walking home in the fuckingpouring rain after being ditched, prima donna bitches,being patronized
Comments: Jamey, you're a sexy bitch
Name: Jamey
Parts Played: hmm if you count the tag show that we had then frank, riff, columbia, magenta, and brad, but Riff is my primary character.
Favorite Part To Play: Riff definately
Favorite Music: Belle and Sebastion, The Cure, Peter Murphy, Bauhaus, London After Midnight, Beck, Tugboat Annie, etc.
Favorite Movie: Rocky Horror, American Beauty, Suspiria, Inferno, Night Of The Living Dead, Inteview with the Vampire (books and movie)
Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons, Raw Is War, Smackdown.
Favorite Website: and I Love
Favorite Inanimate Object To Seduce: of those teething rings that have the water in them..warmed up of couse..i'm not some fucking sicko.
Cast Member Most Likely To Go On A Killing Spree And Why: Mason..just look at him..hes a disgrace to humanity. :P
Turn-ons: Makeup, Rocky Horror, broadband, pretty people
Turn-offs: People who are pretty on the outside but ugly on the inside.
Comments: I am a god and all the little people of buffalo need to look at me with love and adoration in their eyes until i deem them worthy!!!:P

Name: Colleen
Parts Played: Janet, Columbia, Rocky, Magenta
Favorite Part to Play: Either Janet or Columbia
Favorite Music: Heavy Metal.... (just another old school metal head)
Favorite Movie: Well besides Rocky.... The Breakfast Club
Favorite TV Show: Simpsons, I quote it on a regular basis
Favorite Website: I really don't know.... so I'll just plug my brother's band (hell, they're pretty good)
Favorite Inanimate Object To Seduce: Whatever I can get my hands on... ::evil grin::
Cast Member Most Likely To Go On A Killing Spree And Why: I'm not exactly sure, but maybe Jamey... he's so calm and quiet... he's gotta be planning something up there
Turn-Ons: my boyfriend (go figure), men in drag, guys that are "too gay to play Frank" (Dave ::drooll::), red lace, male nipples, pools and hot tubs, running around half naked (which explains Rocky), and handcuffs...... DEFFINATELY handcuffs
Turn Offs: stupid people, bitches, whimps, there are probably more, but my brain's a little fried right now
Comments: Come to Rocky, it's fun... ummm..... I never know what to say in these things, so Have a Peachy Day!
Name: Dave, "Diva"
Parts Played: Frank, Brad, Riff Raff
Favorite Part: Frank
Favorite Music: Whatever, I like anything, fuck it
Favorite Movie: All About Eve
Favorite Show: Alley McBeal, or Will And Grace...god these are hard
Favorite Website:
Favorite Inanimate Object To Seduce: clothes
Cast Member Most Likely To Go On A Killing Spree And Why: Allison...she's just too nuts and very bitter...also because i'm copying her tattoo.
Turn-on's: money and power
Turn-offs: bad skin, bad teeth, bad hair and fatness
Comments: "No my first name ann't baby...It's Dave, Diva if ya nasty"

Davin And The Smiley People
Note: This will have to be his cast picture until i get a better one of him.
Parts Played: Riff, Columbia, Brad, Janet, Scott, Eddie.
Favorite Part to Play: Riff, Brad, Scott
Favorite Music:  TECHNO!
Favorite Movie: Hackers, PI, Groove
Favorite TV Show: Sailor Moon, Pretender, Simpsons, Futurama
Favorite Website: Http://
Favorite Inanimate Object To Seduce: seducing inanimate objects is pointless for me, i'm not a woman.
Cast Member Most Likely To Go On A Killing Spree And Why: Me. you don't want to know why i say that. ::evil grin::
Turn-Ons: Dark Clothing, Girls with Glowsticks, Raver chicks
Turn Offs: Stupid People, Preps, stupid people. (yes it needs to be listed twice)
Comments:;to all my friends at rocky, and those audience members who think i'm cute ::huggle:: love you all. PLUR BABY!
No Information

Name: Tony or Virus, you choose
Parts Played: Riff Raff, Scott
Favorite Part to Play: Riff
Favorite Music: Bands like Lurid, Mudvayne, Marilyn Manson, Godhead, et certra...
Favorite Movie: The Evil Dead Trilogy
Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons
Favorite Website:
Favorite Inanimate Object To Seduce: Guitars... they're so sexy...
Cast Member Most Likely To Go On A Killing Spree And Why: Tony opted not to answer this for some reason.
Turn-Ons: It's all about eyeliner, pop-tarts, & vinyl
Turn Offs: Lard
Comments: (i'll think of something later)

Mike and Mason
Name: Mason
Parts Played: Dr. Scott, Columbia, Rocky, That guy that punches Brad's arm at the beginning of the movie
Favorite Part to Play: It's a tie between Scott and Columbia, i like the wheel chair but I love the sparkly outfit
Favorite Music: wrestling entrance themes and TV show theme songs
Favorite Movie: ...umm what's that movie with Bronson Pinchot and John Larroquette that was pretty good I guess
Favorite TV Show: Gimmie a Break
Favorite Website: I only like wrestling sites cuz i'm a fat immature ugly little boy (previous comment by Jamey)
Favorite Inanimate Object To Seduce: A couch with a hole in it and the hole is filled raw hamburger meat
Cast Member Most Likely To Go On A Killing Spree And Why: Jamey because of what I did to his couch (see above)
Turn-Ons: oh jeez just about anything, cable modems, vaginas, people that look like me
Turn Offs: my landlord having sex in my bed,
Comments: for every person that lists Mason or Mason#2 as the cast member they would most like to "Do" a 5.00 contribution will be made in their name for the charity of their choice

Name: Mike McFadden
Parts Played: All but Janet and Columbia
Favorite Part to Play: any part
Favorite Music: Elliott Smith
Favorite Movie: American Beauty
Favorite TV Show: Sifl & Olly
Favorite Website:
Favorite Inanimate Object To Seduce: couches
Cast Member Most Likely To Go On A Killing Spree And Why: Kelly, overCindy.
Turn-Ons: Toilets, with or without supermodels sitting on them.
Turn Offs: Mason, but not when he's got that gay wrestler oufit on.
Comments: hey, I'm just a guy from Rochester, what do you want from me?