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Season Premiere
August 31, 2001 marked our first show of the 01/02 season. Woo Hoo..its good to be back!!!!

Cast for Friday April 28, 2001
Frank: Kelly,
Magenta: Shannon
Riff: Jamey
Columbia: Meredith
Janet: Colleen
Brad: Bridge, Carl
Rocky: Cindy
Crim: Mike
Eddie: Josh
Dr. Scott: Tony
  Show Review For Friday April 28, 2001
I think that everybody was a little off but we still had a lot of fun. The audience was very small but that i believe is only on account of miscomunication between the theatre and cast as we believed that our first show would be next week. Notably absent from the show was Ari who plays Magenta, she had previous plans that couldnt be avoided..she was missed. Other than that it was a great show and lots of fun. Next week should be really big.>